Letter from Our Founders

-James 'Jim' Foley

With the help of our community, the Phoenix Foley Alliance was created. Little did we know that our idea would lead us to not only the start of a formal scholarship program but also a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Today, in collaboration with our partners, the motivation of our children and the children in our expanding community, launching and managing the Alliance has become a passion.  


The Phoenix Foley Alliance was created as a basic thought; we wanted to raise funds to give back to our community. We were going to give back in the form of a scholarship in honor of our dear friend James Foley, Award-winning American journalist who was kidnapped on November 22, 2012 in Syria and murdered on August 19, 2014 after 636 days in captivity.

Eddie and I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the enormity of this project and have been blown away by how far it has come so quickly. Since establishing the Alliance, our initial passion was to ensure that the life of our dear friend James Foley is remembered for how he lived rather than how he died.

In undertaking a project of this magnitude we realized that we needed to balance our outsider's perspective with that of experts from inside the field. To that end, we assembled a diverse Board of Directors (Mentors) to help us realize our vision. Our path is not easy, and it requires an enormous amount of resourcefulness, determination and commitment from teachers, parents, children administrators but we believe we are creating a special scholarship program like no other. 


Join us on this journey.

Eddie and Kristen Martinez 

The James Foley Scholarship Program works to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder a young person’s ability to obtain a quality educational experience.The program seeks to create a three-way partnerships with high schools, the families of academically passionate, yet economically disadvantaged students in Phoenix, and the Phoenix Foley Alliance.Through these partnerships, we can support young people receive the opportunity to attend a high performing high school, participate in extracurricular activities, benefit from honors and accelerated high school classes, and take advantage of the Phoenix Foley Alliance's educational support services and programs.  By giving these students this opportunity, the alliance is making a difference in the lives of deserving young men and women, their families and their communities.

Our Vision

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P.O. Box 90331

Phoenix, AZ 85066