Who was James Foley?

The Phoenix Foley Alliance would like to take the opportunity to shed some light on the reason and fuel for our compassion and motivation behind the creation of this Non-Profit Organization.


It’s unfortunate that many of you are barely hearing about such an incredible person due to such a tragedy occurring. However, we as an organization choose to focus on the way he lived and not how he died.


James Foley was a teacher and boys’ basketball coach at Lowell Elementary School in Phoenix, AZ. As a teacher, James connected with his students by demonstrating his genuine care and selflessness. After James left Lowell in 1999 to continue his own career pursuits, he continued to leave a positive impression on his students, now adults, and on countless others throughout the country. It takes a powerful individual to be a father figure to some, a brother figure to many, and a friend to all of us.


We are asking for your help in keeping his legacy and spirit alive by taking the time to learn more about who James (Jim) Foley was and the type of impact he made throughout the world.


Thank you James (Jim) Foley. This is just one way that we are able to give thanks to all you have done.


In your honor,


Phoenix Foley Alliance

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